Friday, 1 July 2016

Canada Day @ Mt.St.Benedict West Coast Soaring Club FlyIn

Tyler, the WCSC BoD member in charge of Safety and Events, kindly arranged a second FlyIn to get the club together over the July long weekend. This time around it was at Mt.St.Benedict north of Hatzic Lake to the east of Mission, BC. Benny has been a labour of love for Al T, a long time club member, local XC pro and owner of XC Paragliding. Al has poured countless hours, sweat and machine time into fixing up the road and preparing a great launch with amazing flying potential. Today was the perfect day to introduce Al's 'baby' to the rest of the club.

After Andrew B officially kicked off the FlyIn with the first launch, I queued up and followed suit.  The upper launch is a little snug for a forward, but fine for reverse with a decent wind.

LZ briefing. The LZ is huge.

The drive up. Includes obligatory foot in photo.

Looking out from the lower launch.

Lower launch awaiting clearing and grooming.

Looking back. Upper launch is around 1100m.

Looking forward.

The 'knob' to the west, go here, turn left.

Arriving at the clear cuts along the S/W side of the knob, including the still  in development lower launch at 600m. The LZ is the green patch in the centre with a circular stand of trees.

Surfing the clear cut. It was buoyant, but the cloud made sure it was tame.

South side of the LZ looking back towards the knob.

Heading south.

No wind today.

Didn't quite nail the landing target.

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